cute beach shower curtains

Cute Shower Curtains for Your Bathroom

People nowadays are showing their interest in small design. That’s a great improvement so we can see each person sentiment in decoration. One of the most popular things to be decorated is shower curtain. People are always thinking that cute shower curtains are only for children. There are so many designs of shower curtains that showing cute side yet beautiful side of the shower curtains drawing that suitable for adult. […]

floral peacock shower curtain

Beautiful Peacock Shower Curtain

There are so many designs for shower curtain that will easily found in the shop. One of the designs, that showing the beautiful drawing and design, is peacock shower curtain. People are already known that peacock has become one of the most beautiful birds in the world. This bird has so colorful feathers that will captivate people’s heart that see them. You usually see peacock in the zoo or bird […]

l shaped shower curtain rod homebase

Choose Your L Shaped Shower Curtain Rod

Hey, do your house have L shaped shower curtain rod as your shower curtains rod? If that’s the case, then you better read some information about the designs of that shower curtain rod. People are taking easy about choosing the shower curtain rod since that’s not really important. But, that’s the wrong way of thinking. Shower curtain rod is important because it’s the one that make the shower curtain hanging […]

Unique Vintage Table Lamps

Let’s try to know more about vintage table lamps. Just like the name, this kind of table lamp is using vintage theme as the main theme for the table lamps. People are found that vintage is like combination from classic and unique designs. Sometimes you can see the table lamps look classy and sometimes you can see the table lamps look unique too. Not only adults that enjoy having vintage […]

cool table lamps modern

Eye-Catching Unique Table Lamps

Have you ever seen unique table lamps before? These kinds of lamps are tabling lamps that using unique design and material as the main theme of the lamps. You can expect to see something different from other table lamps. The designers are also using a lot of materials that rarely used as the materials for the table lamps. Are you excited to know more about them? Keep reading! The first […]

rustic modern table lamps

Unique Rustic Table Lamps

There are so many designs for table lamps nowadays. People are getting excited to pay attention to small details such as details in table lamps. One of the designs that caught people’s attention is rustic design. Rustic table lamps are design for table lamps that showing chic and bold types from rustic theme and showing the unique side for rustic style too. People are seeing rustic theme in such old […]

table lamps ceramic base

Ceramic Table Lamps for Minimalist House

Ceramic table lamps are suitable lamps for people’s minimalist house. This lamp has an elegant design which is dominated by white. This lamp can support the minimalist living room’s decoration. It is a simple lamp but it has nice statement for the room. Everyone who comes to the room will feel a purity and faith power in the room. Relax and comfort is bonus for people who have this lamp […]

meyda tiffany table lamps

Tiffany Table Lamps for a Warm Living Room

Tiffany table lamps are suitable lamps for living room. People say that this lamp is suitable because this lamp can make the room feel so warm. It makes the people in the house closer than before and when there is a guest, the guest will feel in the room with their close friend. This lamp has a stylish look with a luxurious design for each item. This lamp is so […]

bedside table lamps modern

DIY Music Bedside Table Lamps

Bedside table lamps are nice additional accessories for people’s bedroom. This item can make people’s bedroom more alive and keep the bedroom in warm atmosphere. Besides for additional decoration in bedroom, this chic accessory is also used as a second lamp. As a second lamp, this item has many functions such as for a sleeping lamp and for reading lamp. Sleeping lamp is better than a main lamp at night. […]

modern contemporary table lamps

Some Designs of Contemporary Table Lamps

Contemporary table lamps will not be too much different from modern lamps. It means, it will be different from classic table lamps. This type of lamp will have three different designs which are futuristic, cool, and enchanting. People may refer to this type of lamp when they need a new lamp for their desk. The first design is similar to classic lamp which consists of shade and base supporting. The […]